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How to Color Hair

If properly prepared, it can be super easy to do your own hair color at home. So prior to coloring, I recommend purchasing the following items. 

Color / Chemical Cape: Avoid staining your clothes! Sometimes hair color can be messy so even when covering yourself with a cape, try not wearing any nice clothes.

Hand Gloves: Protect your hands from absorbing chemicals and discoloration.

Clips: Will aid in sectioning out the hair for easier and more organized color application. You may also need to clip all the hair up and cover with a cap.

Hair Cap: Some hair colors require heat. When applying heat you will need a clear plastic cap to protect hair color from drying up.

Tint Bottle: This makes applying color easy. Mix color and developer in bottle and shake until thoroughly until mixed. One of my secrets is to place your finger at the top of the nozzle, squeeze tint bottle and shake. When done shaking, remove finger, release your squeeze and color should be mixed together.

Bowl & Tint Brush: This is also a great way to apply hair color. You will need to make sure you mix the color and developer together. Then, part very thin sections and apply color mixture by brushing. Use the opposite side of the tint brush to do the sectioning. You can practice with conditioner before applying real color to be more precise.

Cotton: Use to apply color remover around hair line. If using a cap, place cotton below elastic band so neither your client nor yourself will get a mark.

Color Remover: Simply rub around hairline, behind ears and neck line to help erase any color lines that may occur.

When applying color, I always recommend sectioning the hair into a T-Pattern. Here's how

1. Use four clips to create four sections of hair by parting from ear to ear and from the front of the head to the back of the head.
2. Using the opposite side of a tint brush, rat tail comb or your finger; start at the middle of your forehead and follow all the way to the back of your neck to divide hair.

3. Clip these first two sections aside.
4. Un-clip one side, take the tail comb or other tool and measure from the top back of your head down to behind the ear.