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What Size of Round Hair Brush Should I Use

The decision on what barrel size to choose depends on the length of your hair along with your desired hairstyle. A great rule of thumb to remember is that the smaller the barrel, the tighter the curls or texture and the larger the barrel, the looser the curls or texture. You will see this concept better explained in the guide below.

3/4" to 1 1/4"
  • The smaller barrel is perfect for shorter hair and will provide a great lift and tight curl.

1 1/4" to 1 3/4"

  • The medium sized barrel is great for long hair with semi-loose curls.

1 1/4" to 1 1/2"

  • This sized brush offers a more open bristle which works well for creating volume with short hair.

1 1/2" to 2"

  • A large barrel provides great waves and curves on long hair.

Round Brush Tips

  • Thermal Round Brushes: This means the barrel has a hollow or full metal core designed specifically to conduct heat to the hair. The danger with thermal brushes is that too much heat cause heat damage. When used correctly, a thermal round brush can speed up drying time and lock in tighter texture.
  • Appropriate Hair Type: Round brushes should not be used for every type of hair. Ideally, a round brush works best with straight or slightly wavy hair and is less effective with curly or kinky hair.
  • When Multiple Sizes are Needed: Sometimes multiple round brush sizes are needed for a desired hairstyle. You may need a large or extra large round brush for the crown or top section of your hair and then a medium or smaller round brush for the perimeter of your hairstyle.
  • Quality: Whenever possible buy the best brush you can afford with the highest quality materials. 100% boar bristle is kindest to the hair
  • Avoid: You do not want a round brush with sharp bristles as they can slice through delicate strands of hair. Also, avoid bristles with hard round ball tips as they can snag your hair causing damage or breakage.
  • Hair Snag: If you get your hair caught in a round brush remember not to panic. Immediately call for assistance and use the long tail of a comb to carefully unwind any captured strands. If possible, do not try to untangle it yourself.
  • Break It In: It's important to remember that when you buy a new round brush, the bristles are often stiff. A great way to break in your new round brush is to take it with you during your next visit to the stylist and ask them to use it while styling!