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How to Control and Tame Frizzy Hair

I've often heard that the culprit of frizz in hair is a combination of weather and genetics. This basically means that some hair textures just have a natural tendency to be frizzy and if the weather is bad, there goes your hair. Just accept it! Also, that frizz is uncontrollable and the only way to tame it was with a multitude of hair products. In reality, I found that the real cause is the lack of moisture in your hair.

This revelation came from my own personal experience of my hair always feeling dry. I noticed that anytime I received moisturizing treatment, my hair would then feel great and style effortlessly. Unfortunately, this would never last long. The minute I wash my hair, it would go right back to being dry and frizzy. I put two an two together and determined my hair was in need continuous hydration.

So here's what I discovered:

  • Start from the Inside Out: Always eat your fruits, vegetables and drink plenty of water. This is a must. I think we have forgotten how our bodies need the proper nutrients. Also try to eat organic and remember that the benefits of veggies are best when eaten in raw form.
  • Drink Good Water: You've always heard to drink at least three full glasses of water per day. Well, unfortunately in today's world you have to add the "Good" water per day in that sentence. There are so many unnecessary chemicals, either intentionally placed or leaking into our water supply so to play it safe I recommend getting a water purifier. You can find water filters for shower heads as well to prevent this hard water from directly hitting your hair everyday.
  • Natural Deep Conditioners: I suggest olive oil or coconut oil. That said, check around your kitchen to see what kind of oils you already have. Almost any oil will do the trick for a deep conditioning treatment. Apply from the root to ends and leave on for at least 15 minutes.
  • Moisturizing Products: These area must-have for sure! If you have any type of static or frizz I suggest keeping a moisturizing or hydrating shampoo, conditioner and leave-in spray around the house.
  • Skip Shampoos: Whenever possible, avoid shampooing your hair every day. The oils at your scalp add moisture to your hair as they make their way down the mid shaft and ends. If you shampoo too often you will wash these essential oils out before they have time to nourish your hair.
  • Stock up on Protein & Moisture Treatments: I recommend going to a professional salon for really intense treatments. That said, there are still many at-home hydrating treatments such as raw eggs, beer, honey or yogurt that provide a quick dose of moisture to the hair.

With anything you do to prevent frizz, for the best results you must stay consistent. If your hair is really damaged then you'll have to treat your with a moisturizing treatment after each shampoo. Also, just remember that it takes a while to fix dry hair. Stick in there and you will see great results!