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Blow Dryer Attachments Explained

To get the most out of blow drying your hair it's essential to have a full understanding of hair dryer attachments and their purpose. The main three are diffusers, concentrators and piks.

Diffusers: Designed for use on wavy or curly hair, diffusers are used to increase body and volume, enhance curls or waves as well as shorten drying time while reducing frizz. By combing the "fingers" of the attachment through your hair while drying, you give your hair lift, creating a style with amazing volume. Diffusers also reduce the intensity of the blow dryer air flow which tames frizz. Some types of diffusers have soft plastic fingers, which allow you to message your scalp while drying your hair!

Hair Dryers Diffusers
How to Use:
  • Began drying your hair at the roots using a circular motion, always moving in the same direction, and using on a low speed setting.
  • Make sure to keep the dryer at a 90 degree angle from the scalp throughout the drying process as this will help lift the roots away from the scalp creating volume.
  • Finish by drying the ends.
Tips for Added Volume:
  1. Dry your hair upside down so that the roots fall away from your scalp.
  2. First focus the air flow at your roots until dry.
  3. Then continue the process to the ends of your hair.

Concentrators: While they come in many different shapes and sizes, concentrators do just that, they help you direct the air flow precisely, enabling you to have more control. They are recommended for smoothing and shaping.

Hair Dryer Concentrators
How to Use:
  • Start by pre-drying your hair
  • Dry small sections at a time by placing a round brush underneath the hair at the roots
  • Position the hair dryer at a 90 degree angle focusing the air flow down the section and brush from root to tip following with the dryer.
  • Repeat this process on each section until completely dry before moving to the next section.
  • Finish by turning the ends under and set your by blowing a cool shot through your hair.

Piks: Used to create volume and add lift to any hairstyle, type or texture. They come in many different shapes and sizes. For long hair use a pik with long prongs and for shorter hair short prongs. Also for those with overly curly hair, the pik attachment can be used to smooth and straighten your hair.
Hair Dryer Pik
Once you know how to properly use these dry attachments, you will not only start seeing enhanced hair styles but also reduced damage caused by continuous blow drying! 

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