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What Causes Frizzy Hair

Although there are many external factors that can cause frizz, it's usually due to under-moisturized hair. When the cuticle is damaged, it loses the ability to retain natural moisture and becomes becomes porous. So in short, before you can find a remedy to eliminate your frizzy hair, you need to first establish the cause. Here is a great list of other factors to consider as you try to determine what is contributing to your frizzy hair.

  • Genetics: Avery important but sometimes overlooked factor are your genes. Take a look at the generations of your family on both sides as certain hair types and textures have a natural tendency to be frizzy.
Hair Genes

  • Humidity: This is the worst if you already have dry frizzy hair! Even being outside for a few minutes in the humid weather can cause the hair to get extremely frizzy. There are products out there that can help but the weather is a huge challenge for frizz. The best products to reduce frizz are silicone based.
 High Humidity

  • Over Processed Hair: If you routinely get chemical treatments such as highlights, color, perms, relaxers or any service using sodium, calcium, lithium hydroxide or lye. Chemicals services are very damaging and will create dry frizzy hair.
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  • Excessive use of Thermal Appliances: If you're using a hair dryer, flat iron, or curling iron everyday, you may want to reconsider. Did you know these tools cause extreme damage and are the most common cause of frizz. In addition to the amount of times you use an appliance, the wrong heat setting for your hair type can also cause damage.
Blow Drying Hair

  • Sun & Wind Damage: Those powerful rays from the Sun along with the force of wind can be very damaging. The result is usually massive split ends and dry and brittle hair. I know it's hard to avoid going outside but if you plan to spending a lot of time outdoors then wear a hat, bonnet, turban or other type of cover for your hair.
Hat to Protect Hair

  • Overuse of Styling Products: You must try your best to avoid hair products that contain high alcohol content such as hair sprays, gels and mousses. These chemicals will dry out and damage your hair causing frizz. A great solution is to look for all natural or organic product.
hair spray

  • Over Handling of Hair: Are you one to constantly running your fingers through your hair? Or how about brushing and combing multiple times daily. If this is you than it very well may be one of the causes of your static. Also, remember that using synthetic brushes can cause static frizz so always use natural or boar bristle brushes.
Brush Hair

  • Lack of Protein & Moisture: Your hair is made up of protein, Keratin to be exact. When we do all the things stated above we lose a lot of the natural keratin forcing us to use products that try to help replace it. Moisture make up about 8-14% of the hair and it is necessary to have moisture to prevent frizz. Regular trimming will help you rid any of the dry split ends.

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