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How to Reduce Bags Under Eyes

We've all experienced dark bags under our eyes; those troublesome spots of puffiness that are difficult to conceal and even harder to get rid of. Among the many contributing causing factors, unfortunately some are unavoidable such as age or illness. However there are many practical ways to reduce, prevent and rid yourself of these circles.

Get Your Sleep: This is by far the most common cause of bags, dark circles and puffiness under eyes. Sleep is very important for your overall health as your skin repairs itself at night while you are resting. This is also the perfect time to apply a cream to help nourish and repair the skin.
Keep Your Skin Hydrated: Our skin is the largest organ on our bodies. It is crucial for us to drink plenty of water throughout the day. I recommend carrying a metal water bottle around with you and keep refilling with filtered water.
Limit Your Medication: Medication has a big impact on your overall health. Some medications actually make your skin weaker promoting bags. Do your research when taking any medication and try follow a more natural health regimen. Chemicals are tough on our bodies and they always have side effects.
Take Your Vitamins & Minerals: Vitamins and minerals are critical for the prevention of dark circles under the eye, the most healing vitamins and minerals are:
Vitamin K: Not only does it helps to reduce puffiness and repair any damaged capillaries, it improves the circulation of blood flow.
Vitamin C: Is essential for building collagen, which is the most important protein in the body. It's so important because it's a component of connective tissues that have structural and supportive connections that are vital to blood vessels and heart tissue. The body cannot produce collagen without vitamin C.
Vitamin E: Helps protect against any free radicals in the body and it also helps regulate Vitamin A. They work great together at reducing dark circles.
Iron: The lack of iron causes the skin to be pale and more translucent forcing the veins that are bluish in color to stand out and be more visible.
Vitamin A Helps to repair and maintain skin tissue under the eye. It also aids in the anti-aging process. It is very healing and helps fight against any infections that may be on the skin.
Reduce Stress: Stress is a cause of many problems in the body due to the fact that when you are stressed out it is difficult for our bodies to relax in order to repair itself. Sleep becomes interrupted and your body is not allotted the necessary amount of time to correct itself and recuperate from daily wear and tear. When our lives become stressful we often neglect our eating habits, sleep and relaxation time. Please take a deep breath and allow yourself a good night's sleep
Although these recommendations are not overnight solutions, if you stay consistent I assure you'll begin to see a noticeable reduction of those unwanted bags in no time!