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How to Prevent Split Ends

The treatment and repair of split ends can be a never ending task. This is why your main goal should be to prevent split ends before they appear. So here are a few tips on how to achieve beautiful healthy hair without split ends.

Keep Up on your Trim Appointments
Try to find a salon in your area that will freshen up your hair with a little trim. The key is finding someone that will only take off the least amount necessary. I have found that if you request a dusting of the hair the professional will understand you don't want much length taken off. And remember it's all about communication. If you're growing your hair out then make sure the hairdresser knows you only want a trim and speak up if you think they're taking too much off. The second option is to do it yourself by investing in a nice pair of hair shears. Check yourself out in the natural sunlight and cut off any split end that you may see.

Use Good Products
I highly suggest using a detangler when your hair is wet. It makes me crazy when I see people comb out their hair after showering. Its no wonder why you have split ends, all the yanking and pulling on hair when it is most vulnerable. Also use a heat protectent if you plan on blow drying your hair.

A Deep Conditioner once a Week is a Must for All Hair Types
If you don't blow dry your hair and it looks healthy, it's still essential that you apply proper conditioning techniques. This is because your hair is still subjected to the harmful environmental factors that we can not avoid. Such as the sun, the wind and the water you use to wash your hair. These all take a toll on the hair. A deep conditioner will aid you in keeping your hair healthy. Also, make sure you purchase a higher end deep conditioner. Cheaper conditioners only coat the hairs cuticle rather then actually penetrating with the correct proteins and moisture it requires.

Buy Coated Elastic Hair Bands for Pony Tails
I've noticed major split ends and breakage in clients that use un-coated hair rubber bands. This is a huge NO, NO. Always use coated rubber bands and please don't wrap your hair up all crazy and then rip the band out as you take your hair down. Always remember to be extremely gentle.

Eat Right
Your diet has a lot to do with the outcome of your hair. Try to eat more fresh fruits and vegetables. Always research if you are on medications to make sure the side effects aren't going to damage your hair.

I know it's an ongoing struggle to take care of your hair but in the end it is worth it. I hope this information helps you begin the proper steps to prevent split ends into the future!