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Hair Brush Types

With such a large variety of hair brushes available in the market, it's crucial to have an understanding of the differences and purposes of each brush. This guide will help you find the right brush to use for your hair type and desired style! 

The Most Popular Types of Brushes:

  • Styling Brush:  A styling brush is known for it's curved shape. It has bristles on only one side and a gentle, cushion backing with no vents.  These brushes help create volume at the roots and are perfect for flicking up hair or curling it under. They work amazing with thicker hair and great for hairstyles such as a bob or mid length. They are available with both synthetic and natural bristles, but I recommend using natural. Hair types that allow a fast blow dry will really benefit from this simple all around brush.
Styling Brush

  • Paddle Brush:  The paddle brush is very similar to the styling brush but is wider and flatter in shape.  It is a large brush with a soft cushion and bristles on one side. They help with getting the hair's cuticle to lay flat and perfect for smoothing and detangling hair without volumizing. These brushes are also used for blow-outs and styling. Paddle brushes are great for use on all hair types from short to long and fine to thick. They come with synthetic, natural and ionically charged bristles.
Paddle Brush

  • Cushion Brush:  The cushion brush is best for medium-long hair that is naturally straight or delicate. It still works great with wavy medium length hair as well. Their design is very similar to the paddle brush with a soft cushion, a flat back and regular or ball tipped bristles. The air-filled cushion acts as a shock absorber and protects hair and scalp from aggressive brushing.
Cushion Brush

  • Vent Brush:  The vent brush; also known as the vented brush, has bristles on one side with vents that allow air to flow through. They are available in all shapes and sizes and are most commonly used to create volume at the roots while adding direction and movement to hair during a blow out. The vents between the bristles increase the flow of hot air to the hair which reduces drying time and enhances the style. This brush is not ideal for use on hair that has flyaways or is prone to static frizz because it won't help smooth or aid in styling.
Vent Brush

  • Round Brush:  A round brush is tubular in shape and is perfect for achieving just about any hair style. They're ideal for use on all hair types and textures and available with barrel diameter sizes ranging from 3/4" to 3.5". Other differences are bristle placement and some even have vents which are then called "thermal round brushes". With a round brush you can achieve lift, volume, curl and even smoothness. When used with the heat of a blow dryer, a smaller round brushes act like hot rollers to create curl and waves. The larger round brushes smooth and add lift, volume and soft body. The length of your hair and your desired finished look determines which size brush you should use.

Round Brush

Here are a few tips when using your Round Brush:

  • Do you have short hair and want to create volume? If so then I would recommend you purchase a more open bristle round brush such as Cricket's #350 or #370.
  • For shorter hair with a lift and curl consider the Cricket #300, #310 or #330.
  • If you have long hair and want lift and a little curl then I suggest the Cricket #390.
  • For long hair that you want curly, use a smaller barrel such as the Cricket #330, #350 or #370.
  • All of these brush suggestions can be replaced with a brush from another brush manufacturer with the same barrel diameter.