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5 Easy Tips to Eliminate Frizz & Flyaway Hair

If you suffer from, frizz, static or flyaways in your hair then these five easy tips are a must read. They are simple yet effective solutions to help you overcome these annoying problems!

1.) Anti Frizz & Smoothing Products: There are a number of different types of styling products specially formulated to smooth hair and prevent frizz. These products come is Serums, Sprays, Creams and Lotions.

Philip B. Anti-Frizz Formula 57 - 2 oz

2.) Hair Spray: Lightly spray your brush or comb with hairspray and run it through your hair. You may need to repeat this several times but make sure to only use a little at a time

Rusk W8less Plus Extra Strong Hold Shaping and Control Hairspray - 1.5 oz

3.) Lotion & Moisturizers: Apply a small amount of moisturizer or lotion on your hands and then rub them together until evenly distributed. Next, run your fingers through your hair covering from your scalp to the ends. Gather your hair as if to put it into a ponytail the release. Repeat this several times.

 Triple Lanolin Aloe Vera with Lavender Hand and Body Lotion - 20 oz

4.) Static Spray: Garment static spray is effective for hair and is easy to administer. Just spray onto a hair brush or wash cloth and apply to your hair.

Static Spray

5.) Unscented Dryer Sheet: Believe it or not this eliminates static quickly. Open the sheet completely and run it over your hair from root to tip in large sections. Make sure to pass over each segment several times before moving on the next section.

Unscented Dryer Sheet