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Choosing the Right Hair Conditioner

The right conditioner can mean all the difference in the World when it comes to the shine, texture and overall health of your hair. In consideration of it's importance, choosing the right conditioner is quite the simple process. It's actually very similar to finding the right shampoo and the steps are pretty much the same! 

First, it's important to classify what type of hair you have:

  • Fine / Limp: If you have fine or limp hair you will want to steer clear of any heavy conditioners. Instead, use a lightweight conditioner that will not weigh your hair down. The hardest part about having fine hair is finding the correct conditioner that will condition as well as create volume.
  • Normal: You can use just about any type of conditioner with normal hair. The only suggestion I have is to always provide your hair with the correct proteins and moisture it requires. So make sure the heavy or lightweight conditioner you use also provides the essential oils.
  • Curly / Wavy: Moisture, moisture, moisture. I think you get my point. Curly hair usually lacks the correct amount of natural oils required which results in dry hair. This is because the oil at the scalp doesn't make it to the ends of the hair. If you replenish the hair with moisture you will notice better curling, less frizz and a shinier outcome.
  • Course: When your hair is course, a heavy conditioner is key. They contain smoothing elements that help weigh down and coat the hairs cuticle. This will also help to reduce unwanted volume.

Second, now that you've determined your hair type, here are a few tips on what conditioners to use for the different hair issues.

  • Oily Hair:  This one is tricky but what I've found is that a 2-in-1 (shampoo plus conditioner) works best due to the fact that the conditioner is usually milder.
  • Dry, Damaged or Frizzy: A moisturizing or hydrating conditioner will work best.
  • Normal: Any conditioner labeled "For Normal Hair" is perfect!
  • Fine / Limp: You will for sure want to use a volumizing or thickening conditioner.
  • Color Treated: A conditioner without silicone is recommended. Silicone is known to strip color out of the hai so buy a conditioner labeled for colored hair, color safe, or color enhancing.

As a last reminder, always be sure to rinse your hair extremely well after conditioning!