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Hot Roller Hairstyles

A great way to dress up your hairstyle is with the use of hot rollers; a styling tool used to create loose or tight curls. They fit into a specially designed holder that uses heating elements to heat the rollers quickly. I recommend you wash your hair the night before and apply a volumizing mousse. This will ensure longer lasting curls! You will want to heat your rollers about five minutes prior to use. Hot Rollers will not work on wet hair therefore make sure that your hair is completely dry.

There are many types of curls that can be achieved when using hot rollers. They can range from tight ringlets to loose waves. The type of curl you end up with will depend on the size of the roller you use.

I suggest you practice the pattern, placement and size of the hot rollers before you plan to do your hair for the evening. While rolling your hair, try alternating the sizes to achieve a more natural look! The bigger rollers will create more of a wave and the smaller rollers will create more of a spiral curl.

When creating a style; you should ask yourself, "How do I want the rollers to be set, vertical or horizontal?" This plays a huge part in the outcome of the style. Here's a little tip, when placing rollers on the sides of your head try placing three horizontal sections back to back in a row. Once rollers are cooled down, take them out and either comb through with your fingers or use a brush to soften. Hot rollers are my new favorite discovery. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do!