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What Shampoo Should I Use

With such the variety of shampoo on the market, it's no wonder why we get confused which one is best for our own unique hair needs. Here are a few suggestions that should help make the correct decision as to which type of shampoo you should be using.

First, we need to classify what type of hair you have. The different types are:

Fine / Limp: If you have fine or limp hair then you'll want to steer clear of any heavy shampoos. Look for a lightweight, thickening or volumizing shampoo. This will help infuse the cuticle to create more body and texture.

Normal: You can use just about any type of shampoo on normal hair. The only suggestion I have is to always provide hair with the correct proteins and moisture it requires. So find a shampoo that contains essential oils.

Curly / Wavy: Moisture, moisture, moisture. I think you get my point. Curly hair lacks in the correct oils required. More often than not, the oil at the scalp does not make it down to the ends resulting in, dry hair. If you replenish the hair with moisture you'll notice your curls are curling better, they have less frizz and a shinier appearance.

Course: You'll want a thicker shampoo that contains a smoothing treatment to help weigh down and coat the hairs cuticle. This will also help to reduce unwanted volume.

Once the above is determined; reference the below guide on the different issues you may notice with your hair type.

Dry / Damaged / Chemically Treated: If you have split ends, damaged or chemically treated hair then it's most likely lacking in proper nutrients and natural oils that occur at your scalp. To help fix this problem I recommended washing your hair only ever other day. This will give the natural oils a chance to reach the mid shaft and ends of the hair. When purchasing a shampoo look for one that moisturizes, hydrates and contains the essential oils required for healthy shinny hair.

Prone to Dandruff: Some people experience a build up and white flakes on their scalp. This is usually due to a fungus or bacteria infection. Shampoos designed for dandruff contain special ingredients that help to normalize the PH therefore eliminating any build up.

Oily: Ok, let me throw this one at you, oily hair is caused by a dry scalp. Yeah, it sounds backwards but it's true. Oily hair is created by the scalp overcompensating for the dryness and in return it creates excessive oil that eventually builds up at the roots. To treat this problem you will need a shampoo the balances out the scalp.

Color Safe: If your hair is colored then you'll want to use a shampoo formulated to prolong the life of your color. These shampoos are more gentle on the hair. I recommended a Sulfate free shampoo. These are a must because they do not wash out the color in the hair. If you do purchase a sulfate free shampoo then keep in mind that they do not lather as good a regular shampoo, but they work just as good. Another option is to purchase a color depositing shampoo. These are awesome because they cleanse while depositing color at the same time.

I've also found that it's a good idea to switch shampoos every so often. I know some don't agree but I find my hair reacts best when switched up. To prolong the life of your shampoo try to use about a dime size as shampoos do lather a lot.