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What Damages Hair

Damaged hair can be such an annoyance! I often hear clients say, "I keep the heat setting on low when using a curling iron, flat iron and hair dryer so why is my hair still dry and damaged?" My answer to this question is that there are many other factors that can cause damage to your hair in addition to just the heat from a styling tool. The majority of damage can be attributed to the below.

  • Well Water: You may not know it but the water you are using may be filled with chemicals and chlorine. This causes your hair to be extremely dry and may even change color.
  • Wind: The blowing wind can cause severe damage on your hair. Try to cover your hair with a hat when outside in harsh weather.
  • Sun: The strong rays emitted from the Sun are known to cause damage to your hair. When outside on Sunny days try to wear a hat or find shade when possible.
  • Rubber Bands: If the hair gets stuck around the rubber band when removing it from your pony tail (especially a messy pony tail) it can cause a lot of damage. It will leave split ends, tearing and breakage.
  • Brushing: When your hair is brushed too roughly it causes severe split ends and damage.
  • Over Shampooing: Shampooing your hair too often removes the natural oils that the hair requires to be healthy.
  • Products with Alcohol: Yes, I know almost every hair product contains alcohol. That said, there are some that don't so I suggest reading ingredients of product before you buy. Alcohol is very drying and causes lots of damage.
  • Mechanical Damage: Any damage caused by by flat irons, curling irons, blow dryers or hair brushes is referred to as mechanical damage. Just use these tools in moderation and always purchase high quality.
  • Chemical Damage: When damage is caused by coloring your hair, getting highlights, perms or straighteners this is chemical damage. Although I know it's difficult, try to avoid chemical treatments as much as possible. It's worth the health of your hair!