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Choosing a Curling Iron Barrel Size

The size of the curling iron barrel will determine the size or type of curls it produces.

  • Big Waves: A curling iron with a 2" barrel will create large, loose waves in longer hair. This size will also help smooth short hair. TIP: wrap large sections around the barrel to smooth and wrap small sections to create waves.
  • Slight Waves: - When looking for nice, and soft waves use a 1-1/2" curling iron. TIP: Curl small sections of hair with the curling iron, then clip each section to head. When cool, release pins and run fingers through hair.
  • Big Curls - To create large curls use a 3/4" to 1" curling iron. TIP: Spritz small sections with mousse, then wrap them around iron and hold for five seconds. Release curling iron, let hair cool, then use fingers to separate curls.
  • Tight Curls: To achieve the perfect little ringlets use a 3/8" to 1/2" barrel. TIP: Wrap small sections from ends to roots in a spiral. Hold five seconds. Release curl, then let cool... spritz with hairspray, but do not touch!

Also keep in mind that your choice of which barrel size to use for your desired curling style should largely depend on your hair type.