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How to Blow Dry your Hair

Although constantly blow drying your hair can be damaging, unfortunately sometimes it's just unavoidable. Whether work or play, most of our schedules are non-stop and leaving the house with dripping wet hair is not option. This is why it's so important for every woman to take the time to learn the proper hair drying techniques. You will not only be able to speed drying time but also improve smoothness and volume while preventing damage.

What You Will Need:
  • Blow Dryer
  • Hair Pik
  • Styling Product (smoothing, volumizing or soft hold)
  • Round Brush (for the proper size see our round brush guide)
  • Hair Spray

Ready To Start
1. After shampooing and conditioning, spend about five minutes towel drying your hair. Once your hair is only damp and not dripping, softly use the pik to comb out any tangles
2. Apply either a soft hold gel, smoothing, or volumizing product to your hair. Whatever product you're using, I always recommended mixing it really well in your hands. First apply to the ends and then work your way up to the roots. You want to make sure to not apply too much product as it can make your hair appear greasy.
3. Now, take your blow dryer and start drying at your roots. To really get in there, use your fingers or a pik to lift the roots up. This helps manipulate the hair in all different directions and will create awesome volume.
4. Once the roots are dry, grab your round brush and blow dry your bangs or side swoop. If you're blow drying a side swoop make sure to pull the hair to the direction you wish for it to lie. Just place the dryer on top of the brush and follow down the correct side. This will give a perfect swoop!
5. After you're finished with your bangs, section your hair up to start drying the bottom layer of hair. Once your hair is mostly dry then use the round brush to start smoothing.
6. If you're in search of the most volume and possible, you will want to over direct your hair. To do this start by placing the brush underneath the hair at the scalp leaving your hair is neatly draped over the brush. Then place the hair dryer at the root area (at the top of the brush) and pull both the brush and dryer upwards. Repeat until dry.
Note: To avoid damage your dryer should not be on high heat. Also, if the hair isn't neatly placed around the brush it will tangle.
7. To achieve the most smoothness make sure your hair is ultra-clean, use an ion-emitting brush, and apply either a gloss cream or shine spray. If you use a spray make sure to spay around seven inches away from your head.

Practice a few times and I am sure you will get it!

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