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How to Prevent Eye Wrinkles

Wrinkles defined are a fold, ridge or crease in the skin and are classified into two different categories:
1. Fine Lines (appear on the surface of the skin and are easier to fix)
Deep Groves (penetrate farther into the skin and are harder to fix)
Almost every day we are subject to external factors and environmental toxins that are harmful to the skin. The best way to prevent under eye wrinkles is to first be aware of what they are and then to know how to avoid or at least counter their wrath.

Sun Damage: The majority of wrinkles that appear under your eyes are from over exposure to the sun. It's best if you stay covered during the day to prevent the sun's harmful rays from damaging the skin. Wearing hats, long sleeves or pants help tremendously!

: Unfortunately we cannot stop the aging process but we can make sure that we are providing our skin with the essential nutrients required to keep our skin healthy. Acknowledging that aging is a part of life and promoting good healthy habits such as a natural diet and exercise will reduce wrinkles.

Habitual Facial Expressions
: Try not to scrunch your forehead, squint your eyes, or frown. If you do this on a daily basis it will eventually take a toll on the skin around your eyes causing wrinkles. I've also found that exercising your facial muscles help reduce wrinkles.

: This bad habit effects your skin in more ways than one. First, smoking impairs blood flow to the outer layer of the skin, with less blood flow less oxygen and nutrients make it to the skin causing the elasticity to reduce. Second, the facial expressions you make while smoking such as puckering your lips when you inhale and exhale, or squinting your eyes to ensure the smoke doesn't get in them. Repeated acts like this cause the skin to wrinkle over time.

Poor Hydration
: Your body is made up of mostly water and all organs; especially the largest which is the skin, require water. Water is so important at keeping the skin glowing and healthy. Environmental factors affecting the skin by making it dry and irritated can be minimized with hydration of the skin.