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How to Choose the Right Hair Clippers

With the variety of hair clippers today; each made for specific purposes, it's important to know what features are important for your exact needs. To give you the best chance at finding the perfect set of clippers, make sure to ask yourself the below questions before you buy!

  • How often will I use the clippers? If you're planning to cut more than once per month, I suggest looking into a professional model. Otherwise, an average clipper set in the $20-$45 price range will be just fine!
  • Do you want Cordless or Corded? This decision should be based upon how often you plan to use the clipper. I suggest cordless if you do light to moderate cutting as you will only have a 2-5 hour cut time before needing to recharge. Cordless clippers are also incredibly convenient as you can avoid the "cord always in the way" problem.  If you do heavy cutting with daily use then a clipper with a cord is necessary.
  • Light weight clippers vs. normal clippers? If you're going to be doing a high volume of clipping, I suggest a light weight clipper to ease the demand on your wrists. With comparable models, the functionality between the light weight and normal doesn't really differ. It's the price that usually separates the two as light weight clippers tend to be more expensive.
  • How much money should I spend? If your budget can afford a nice pair of clippers, then I totally suggest you make the investment! Whether you cut once per month or daily, you will still benefit from the added features of professional clippers. They cut with higher precision, have longer lasting motors, lighter weight, less noisy and usually come with an extended warranty.
  • What comb & replacement attachments do I need? The majority of clippers come with the standard cutting guide sizes. That said, clipper manufacturers also make numerous sizes for any occasion. I suggest checking out the clipper cutting comb guide to find which work best for you. 
  • How many pairs of clippers should I own? If you're an at-home user that one pair of clippers will more than suffice. If you're a professional then I recommend owning at least these three pairs of clippers.
1. High-Powered Detachable Clipper for Volume Cutting
2. Adjustable Tapering Clipper for Precision Tapering
3. Powerful Trimmer for Edges & Detailing

I hope the above tips will help when determining the best clipper to purchase for your needs. Happy cutting!