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10 Hair Blow Drying Tips

Blow Drying Hair

If you don't know how to properly dry your hair, not only do you risk long-term damage but you will also never get the true style you're in search of. Here are my top 10 must know tips to help you finally learn how to blow dry your hair!

1.) Invest in a Quality Hair Dryer
: Thankfully, the latest innovations in hair dryer technology has made damaging dryers a relic of the past. I recommend purchasing a ionic hair dryer with least 1800 watts, multiple heat and speed settings, a cool shot button, nozzle attachments, lightweight, ergonomic design, and tourmaline or ceramic technology.

2.) Gradually Reduce the Heat Setting
: When drying wet hair use the highest heat setting, then reduce the heat as your hair dries. Never have the blow dryer heat setting higher than you really need!

3.) Use Thermal Protectant
: Use a thermal cream, serum or spray, to shield your hair from the intense heat and harmful effects of blow drying. Some of these products not only protect your hair but they also infuse your hair with vitamins and moisture as well as reduce damage from environmental stresses.

4.) Limit Your Use
: It is not recommended to use a hair dryer every day, as it is harmful to your hair. To be safe try to use a blow dryer no more than 3 times a week.

5.) Ionic Technology: Ionic dryers emit millions of negatively charged ions which speed up drying time, and cause the cuticle to remain closed, trapping in moisture, and reducing frizz.

6.) Do Not Get to Close: Keep the hair dryer nozzle at least two inches away from your hair to prevent thermal damage to your cuticle.

7.) Do Not Brush to Soon: Wait until your hair is damp, rather than wet, to start using a brush. The pulling caused by the brush is very damaging to wet hair.

8.) Towel Dry: Make sure not to aggressively rub wet hair with a towel. Instead, towel dry with a dabbing or patting action to absorb most of the moisture.

9.) Keep Moving: Keep the hair dryer moving at all times to avoid heat damage.

10.) Maintain Moisture: Blow drying your hair is very dehydrating so it is recommended to do a deep conditioning treatment once a week to keep your hair strong and healthy. This will also reduce static frizz!