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Types of Combs

You can find hair combs come in many different shapes and sizes and made with a large variety of materials. Each variation has it's own unique purpose and abilities. The most important factor when it comes to combs is the length and spacing of the teeth.

The Different Types of Combs & Their Purpose:

  • Fine Tooth Combs: For Straight, Short & Fine Hair - They are sometimes called fine toothed combs or traditional combs, and have fine, narrow teeth. They are great for men and are used for hair cutting and styling.What are Fine Tooth Combs
  • Wide Tooth Combs: Good for Curly, Long, Thick & Wet Hair - This type, also know as Wide Toothed Comb, is great for curly hair when used to smooth, detangle and shape curls or large sections hair. The teeth are generally thicker, longer and spaced further apart than traditional combs, usually with a maximum of 4 teeth per inch

What are Wide Tooth Combs

  • Rat Tail Combs: For Highlighting, Sectioning & Styling Hair - Available in fine, fine/wide and wide teeth and have a long, pointed tail coming off of one end. The tail may also be used to lift hair away from the head adding volume when styling.What is a Rat Tail Comb
  • Teasing Combs: For Teasing & Creating Volume - They come in different variations, some have more than one row of teeth and others have one row but the teeth are varying lengths. They are specifically design for backcombing and teasing hair to create volume and lift. The handle is either long and pik like, similar to a rat tail's, or has 3-5 prong like teeth used to section and lifting.What is a Teasing Comb
  • Piks: For Lifting & Volumizing - With long teeth and a short handle, Piks are perfectly designed for lifting the hair away from the head, adding volume and also for parting hair.

What are Hair Piks

  • Cutting Combs: Used for Cutting Hair - There are many different variations of cutting combs. They are available in fine and fine/wide toothed, tapered teeth and can be long or short. These are the most popular combs to use for cutting hair.

What is a Cutting Comb

  • Flat Top Combs: Use on Short Hair Cuts - Also called a clipper comb, these combs are great for blending hair when using clipper or scissor over comb cutting.

What is a Flat Top Clipper Comb

Comb Tips:

  • Don't use a fine toothed comb on wet hair as it will cause breakage.
  • Use a comb that has seamless teeth to avoid snagging hair.
  • Always clean combs after use to extend the life of the comb.
  • Use combs that don't have sharp ends so you don't hurt your scalp and hair.