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Temperature Settings for Different Hair Types

One very common mistake that Women make when flat ironing their hair is turning the temperature setting to its maximum level. Many believe the higher the heat, the more effective the iron. In some ways this can be true as different hair types require different heat temperatures. That said, depending on your type of hair, if the proper temperature is not applied than you're risking major damage. To determine which temperature is best for your hair type, start by classifying hair in two different categories.
1. Fine, Normal, or Course

2. Straight, Wavy or Naturally Curly
Once you know your hair type, simply reference my little cheat sheet below for the proper temperature settings.
280 F - 300 F : Fine and/or Damaged / Chemically Treated

300 F - 380 F : Normal and/or Straight

350 F - 450 F : Curly and/or Coarse
When shopping for a flat iron, make sure to purchase a straightener with variable heat settings. For beginners, I recommend setting the temperature of the iron in the low-to-mid range at first. You can then start turning up the temperature little-by-little until you find the perfect setting. With a little time and experience you'll eventually find that perfect temperature for your hair type!