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Stript Mineral Makeup has earned itself a reputation for the finest makeup available. It was created out of a real unmet need within the beauty industry. Gina Austin, a makeup artist and brand manager, began searching for a cosmetic line consisting of high performance, high quality products that were natural and eco-friendly. She was sadly disappointed in what she discovered. Austin was not derailed and instead went on to use her 15 years of industry experience and passion for animal and earth-friendly products to birth the revolutionary Stript cosmetic makeup line. These products are manufactured with naturally occurring minerals that have been proven to cause fewer reactions and are a great solution for those with sensitive skin or wishing to invest in eco-friendly beauty products.

As the name implies, all the Stript products are stripped of synthetic and harmful preservatives as well as animal derived ingredients. The Stript makeup line is made up of mineral Foundations, Blushes, Lip-liners and Eyeshadow to name but a few. Their ingredient panels feature only skin beneficial ingredients such as valuable vitamins and antioxidants. Amino acids and marine botanical are also utilized often as they have been proven to improve the look and feel of the skin. All of their products are all natural, 100% paraben, fragrance and talc free as well as completely vegan. Consumers today are aware of the products that they are putting on their body and are very conscious of the safety of the ingredients within them. Stript makeup offers complete peace of mind.